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Casa Rural

Iguzkiagerreko Borda e Iguzkiagerrea 

Iguzkiagerreko Borda
Weekend:380 €
Whole week:700 €
Noche adicional:90 €
Cama supletoria noche:20 €
Leña:10 €
Extra night: €90 
Extra bed: €20/night
Firewood: €10 
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Iguzkiagerreko Borda
6 km from Etxalar, very close to the French border, in a natural privileged environment, ideal for getting lost and enjoying among its forest, mounts and valleys.
Old stone and oak wooden house, decorated in authentic and exquisite rustic style where the time is anchor in the past. Come and enjoy of its aroma. 4 bedrooms (1 of marriage and 3 double), kitchen, living room with chimney, dining room, bathroom, wide green area with barbecue. 
KIND: Casa Rural CAPACITY: 8 + 1 RENTAL: full


Indoor kit

Heating, Fireplace, Cared decoration, TV in living room

Outdoor kit

Parking, Barbecue, Good views, Garden, Close garden, Garden furniture, Swimming pool

Services in the area

Spa20.0 kmBus10.0 km
Cash machine6.0 kmHealth Center6.0 km
Chemist´s6.0 kmPetrol station14.0 km
Equestrian sports20.0 kmSea/ beach30.0 km
Restaurant6.0 kmSupermarket6.0 km
Taxi6.0 km

Wide green area.



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Border village with a nice and quiet environment, next to the Tximista river. National price of tourism for embellishment and improvement of the villages. It is located 70 km from Pamplona, 40 km from San Sebastián and its beaches.


* Marked routes to the columbariums.
* Infernuko errota
* Azkua Mount.
* Aizkolegi Palace.
* Caves of Zugarramurdi.
* Lordship of Bertiz.
* Mill of Zubieta.
* MuseumSantxotena.
* Basque-French territory


Hiking, Cycling. Guided visits to columbariums

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